Are you already an avid vegetable gardener or are you considering growing your own vegetables in your garden? Then you may have already thought about installing a greenhouse. But what exactly is a greenhouse? And what is the difference between a greenhouse, a veranda and a garden room? We explain it in this blog.

What is a greenhouse and what is it used for?

A greenhouse is a form of greenhouse intended for growing plants. We know greenhouses from in agriculture, but you can also install a greenhouse as a home grower. An ACD® greenhouse consists of glass, aluminum and stainless steel bolts.

A greenhouse creates a microclimate, as it were, with the optimal temperature and lots of light. This extends the growing season. It also provides protection from wind and rain, allowing you to place not only native but also southern plants in your vegetable garden. Are you less active in your greenhouse in the winter? Then it is the perfect place to overwinter sensitive plants or as storage space for your garden furniture.

There are different types of greenhouses. There are large greenhouses for those with a spacious garden and compact models for a city garden or terrace. Wall greenhouses that you build onto your facade and freestanding greenhouses. Greenhouses with sloping walls and greenhouses with straight walls. What you choose depends mainly on the available surface area, wind guidance and, of course, what you yourself like best.

Walled greenhouse – MR3H

Sloped walled greenhouse – S2

Straight walled greenhouse – R307H

Difference between greenhouse, veranda and garden room

Greenhouse,  veranda, garden room … There are several terms that are often used interchangeably, but do they all mean the same thing? No!

A greenhouse – or a glass house as they are called in the Netherlands – is specifically intended for growing vegetables. Or fruit, herbs, plants, flowers … A greenhouse is not insulated, but it does have foundations such as a self-supporting aluminum foundation or concrete foundation. You can finish a greenhouse with various accessories such as seed tables, automatic window openers and tomato hooks.

A porch, on the other hand, is insulated and is usually built as an extension of a home. It is not immediately used for cultivation, but for entertaining regardless of the season.

When we talk about a garden room, it is usually a detached room in the garden that can be made of glass, but also of wood or brick. A garden room can even simply be a canopy under which you put chairs to relax.


A greenhouse can serve perfectly well as a garden room when there are few or no plants in it. Dressed with armchairs, lights and other decorations, you immediately create a cozy oasis where you can enjoy the outdoors, but still be protected from wind and rain. So you can already enjoy the fresh spring sunshine because it’s nice and warm in your greenhouse. And extend the summer season without worrying about the first autumn breezes. The perfect Indian summer vibes!

Would you like to install a greenhouse in your garden? Whether you’re a beginner or already know a lot about vegetable gardening, at ACD® we’re happy to help you choose the greenhouse of your dreams. Stop by our distribution points or make an appointment at our experience center in Roeselare. See you soon?

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