Are you going to buy a greenhouse? Super! Then you’re probably already looking forward to enjoying your own growing. But first things first. Before you install your greenhouse, you need to sort out some practical matters. Where in your garden will you put your greenhouse? Do you need a permit to install a greenhouse? What foundations will you build and how will you anchor the greenhouse? We answer these and other frequently asked questions below.

Which greenhouse do I choose?

There are different types of greenhouses. A first question is whether you choose a wall greenhouse or a freestanding greenhouse. A wall greenhouse is space-saving, but of course provides less seeding and planting space. Think carefully about how big your greenhouse should be: you might choose a greenhouse for beginners today, but soon your hobby will grow into an occupation that requires more space.

Furthermore, you can also choose between a greenhouse with sloping walls or straight walls. Although aesthetically a straight-walled greenhouse is often chosen, a sloped-wall greenhouse offers additional benefits:

  • Reduced wind pressure
  • Increased incidence of light
  • More and better light and heat collection

Do you know what type of greenhouse you want and how big it should be? Then all that remains is to choose from the countless RAL colors in which ACD® aluminum greenhouses are available! Tip: for a harmonious look, choose the same RAL color as your window frames. Or go for a timeless, black greenhouse from our Blackline collection.

Do I need a permit to install a greenhouse?

According to the general rule of the Flemish Government, a greenhouse falls under the permit requirement. But most greenhouses get an exemption from this, taking into account the conditions. Be sure to check whether this is the case in your situation and find out whether your municipality has additional conditions.

Where should I put my greenhouse in my garden?

Are you going to install a hobby greenhouse? Then of course it is very important to know where in your garden you will do so. There are several aspects to consider.

  • The view. Although your greenhouse is primarily functional, it is also a stylish addition to your garden that should be seen. So give your greenhouse a nice, visible spot in the garden.
  • Sunlight. Avoid places with too much shade. Ideally, place your greenhouse with the long side facing east and the short side (with the doorway) facing south. That way you get maximum benefit from the rising sun and avoid the too bright southern sun.
  • The wind. Choose a sheltered location, such as close to a hedge or wall that does not block out the sun. An exposed greenhouse cools down too quickly during cold nights and is more susceptible to storm damage.
  • The distance from your home. The shorter your food chain, the better! A greenhouse close to your home is also more likely to make daily visits.

Do I need a foundation for my greenhouse?

Yes, you need a foundation to protect your greenhouse from ground pressure. Without a foundation, winter frosts can push your greenhouse upward, while the drawdown of groundwater in summer would cause your greenhouse to sink. So a foundation is very important!

You can choose a self-supporting aluminum foundation. This has several advantages:

  • ACD® greenhouses come standard with a self-supporting aluminum profile with double tube and sufficient ground anchors. So you don’t have to buy the aluminum foundation for your greenhouse separately.
  • An aluminum foundation for your greenhouse is easy and quick to install (yourself).
  • With a self-supporting aluminum foundation, the soil inside your greenhouse is not sealed off from the soil outside the greenhouse, so you don’t have to renew the soil.
  • A self-supporting profile can be moved, useful if you want to take the greenhouse with you when you move, for example.

Does your garden slope or for some other reason you cannot use the self-supporting aluminum foundation? Then choose a concrete foundation, for example with concrete slabs. After all, it is important that your greenhouse is level for optimal sturdiness.

With a concrete foundation, keep in mind that it should be 60 to 70 centimeters into the ground (just below the frost line) and that the surface should slope up to 1 cm so that rainwater can run off. In addition, you cannot move or take a greenhouse with a concrete foundation with you when you move.

How will my greenhouse be anchored?

Anchoring your greenhouse to the ground is done with anchors in the corners of the greenhouse. These are fixed deep into the ground and then the pit where the anchor sits is filled with concrete.

Anchoring your ACD® greenhouse? This is how we do it!

What do I need to prepare before installing my greenhouse?

Before installing your greenhouse, prepare the ground. Make sure that the area where your greenhouse will be placed is empty, flat and firm and, if necessary, dig over the soil – this is easier when the greenhouse is not yet there, than afterwards!

Can I assemble the greenhouse myself or do I have to have it installed?

We deliver your ACD® greenhouse as a self-assembly kit. With our tips and instructions you can easily assemble your greenhouse yourself. Are you not that handy or do you prefer to be on the safe side? In Belgium, you can also choose to have your greenhouse installed by our experienced fitters.

View our complete video manual for installing your ACD® greenhouse yourself:


Is your greenhouse installed? Super! Now you can decorate your greenhouse with extra accessories. And of course start growing your own vegetables!

Would you like personal advice on installing your ACD® greenhouse?

Drop by our Experience Center in Roeselare. Our team will be happy to help you with tips and tricks tailored to your garden.