Walled greenhouses

In addition to separate greenhouses, you can also opt for a walled greenhouse. The glass walled greenhouses from the “ACD® Prestige” assortment are often placed against a house or an outbuilding. This means that pipes for heating, water and electricity can be laid more easily.

A walled model is best placed against a wall that has an east-west direction.

- Customized -


Depth: 1,55 m
Ridge height: 2,60 m
Gutter height: 1,77 m
- Customized -


Depth: 2,29 m
Ridge height: 2,98 m
Gutter height: 1,77 m
- Customized -


Depth: 2,28 m
Ridge height: 2,43 m
Gutter height: 1,72 m
- Customized -


Depth: 3,02 m
Ridge height: 3,05 m
Gutter height: 1,76 m

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