ACD® is a Belgian manufacturer of hobby greenhouses, garden pavillions, carports & coverings

Every year, thousands of greenhouses leave from our 7500m² large factory hall. There are several reasons for choosing ACD®:

  • There is a choice of more than 150 models of greenhouses, garden pavillions, carports, coverings, and an extensive range of accessories.
  • You can choose glass or polycarbonate as the material for your garden product.
  • ACD® always offers you all products at the most lucrative prices.

Choosing ACD® is choosing quality and service!
Our entire team is fully at your service.

Started on a small scale...

The very beginning

It all started in 1986 with a small-scale production of hobby greenhouses by the Develtere family. A year later, the company ACD® (Aluminium Construction Develtere) was founded by Gustaaf and Cristof Develtere.

Over 30 years ACD®

After more than 30 years, ACD® has grown into the European market leader in hobby greenhouses. A flourishing company that provides a total garden experience, allowing you to enjoy the garden and the outdoors for 365 days per year.

Investment in new infrastructure

For several years, ACD® has had a new showroom and modern office space. We have chosen for an impressive factory showroom of over 850 m² and an outdoor showpark with a completely new look. In addition, the ACD® Academy was established where our dealers and certified technicians are informed about new products and innovations. In addition, we continue to innovate by constantly looking for and developing new products and collections.

ACD® keeps thinking ahead

Latest designs, developments and market evolutions

ACD® combines the many facets of outdoor living:
Grow, Live, disCover

The ACD® network has over 800 dealers and extends even beyond the country’s borders. Moreover, this foreign network is not limited to our neighbors France, the Netherlands and Germany, but ACD® has also found its way to Scandinavia and the United States. And we’re still exploring new avenues.

Why ACD®?

Buying a greenhouse, garden pavillions, carport, outdoor covering or garden covering, is closely related to the personal experience of a space and its atmosphere. For this reason we endeavour to incorporate the ideas of each customer into a unique customized design.

However, the building process is more than just a design, it is a (complex) process with different phases. We see it as our task to guide you, the client, through this process. Therefore we work with a clear plan of approach, so you are involved in every step of the way.

Everything starts with a good conversation. So do not hesitate to contact us for an introductory meeting without any obligation.

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