Belgian manufacturer of greenhouses, garden- & living rooms

Every year, thousands of greenhouses leave from our 7500m² large factory hall.
There are several reasons for choosing ACD®. It’s choosing for quality and service!
There is a choice of more than 150 models of greenhouses, garden- & living rooms.
You can then combine this perfectly with an extensive range of accessories to personalize and optimize.

Started on a small scale...

ACD® was founded in 1986, almost 40 years ago. Back then, we already had a strong belief in growing healthy vegetables at home and reconnecting with nature.

It’s more than just growing.

So many years later, ACD® is still the trendsetter in product innovation, design and the many applications possible with our glass greenhouses, our glass houses.

Outdoor living with the comfort of indoors!

WOW – Way Of Working

Watch our animated video on the right to get to know Fleur and Simon as well as the dog Staf. In this video, they will show and explain how your jewel, your project, gets from ACD®® to your place.

Afterwards, you can enjoy together, but we already wish you lots of pleasure by viewing this video.

Your short chain

Thanks to an ACD® Prestige greenhouse, you create your own short chain.

Grow your own healthy fruit and vegetables.

From soil to mouth! With a few steps you enter your own paradise of vitamins, shelves full of health and so much more.? Put energy into your greenhouse and get so much more energy out of it!

Put energy into your greenhouse and get so much more energy out of it! Make your own Energy Hub!

The message from ACD®® cannot be misunderstood : ‘Together to a greener world’.

Gardening and enjoying together behind glass is a fine hobby with a conclusive answer for a low ecological footprint.

Important when choosing your greenhouse, garden or living room

We will help you get started in advance via our selection guide.

What types of greenhouses, garden rooms or living rooms exist?

You can opt for a free-standing structure or for an extension. You can also choose a straight wall or sloping wall (only available from ACD®). By default, all greenhouses are made of grey aluminium, unless otherwise indicated, as in the case of our Blackline and garden rooms, which are black as standard. This makes them timeless and sophisticated. If you want a different colour… don’t worry, we will look at the many possibilities together, because an ACD® Prestige greenhouse fits every garden and every location.


The surface area and volume of a greenhouse?

When choosing your greenhouse, garden room or living room, always keep in mind the type of crops, plants, flowers you want to grow or overwinter. This can always change over time. Think carefully about the height and volume. Over time, the classic greenhouse may become too small and so you need more space. Better bigger than too small.


What is the best positioning for a greenhouse?

Take into account sun as well as the distance from your home. The ideal orientation is south-west, with the doorway facing south. By facing the long side of the greenhouse (largest glass surface) to the east and west, the greenhouse will heat and cool more evenly. If the ACD® Prestige greenhouse is easily accessible from the house, it will also be used much more.




An ACD® Prestige greenhouse is an investment for life. Generation after generation, we let people enjoy the outdoors together with the comfort of indoors. With an ACD® Prestige greenhouse, you are guaranteed a high-quality and functional added value in your garden. Price-quality is a sure bet. Every year you can write a new story, you can decide what you want to do and you have the freedom to grow, enjoy and live outdoors. The yield from your own cultivation is always a nice bonus and this way you have your own vitamin factory.


Do I need planning permission?

This is of course the question if you are going to install a greenhouse, garden, living or outdoor room. Normally, “hobby conservatories” are exempt from the duty to apply for planning permission. Of course, there are rules attached to this such as the size of the greenhouse, how far the greenhouse is from the house, how far from the plot boundary, … it’s not always easy. Talk to your neighbours, talk to your municipality and a lot will already become clear.


How to prepare and to install?

All our ACD® Prestige greenhouses have a self-supporting foundation profile. These are equipped with ground or wall anchors so you do not need to make any major investments or preparations for installation. You can place the greenhouse on the ground. Make sure the ground is free of obstacles and levelled. You can also opt to place the greenhouse on a concrete edge or wall. All this combined with handy and clear instructions. This is all you need for correct assembly.

Values ​​& norms

Through our gems, we aim to contribute to the physical and mental health of our customers. But it doesn’t stop there. It starts much earlier with us.

To make great products, we need good raw materials , efficient processes, good business partners but, above all, our employees who are all creatives, doers and thinkers with passion and conviction.

From ACD®, we support our employees, challenge ourselves and our employees to innovate, inspire and above all grow.

Sustainability & circular business

Everyone tries to do their bit for the climate and minimise their carbon footprint. ACD® also contributes to this by using recyclable materials such as aluminium and glass.

But it doesn’t stop there for us!

We also take a close look at our packaging and want to give it a 2nd life. Cardboard boxes can be reused by being buried in the garden.

Turn waste into pleasure

We consider the past and look to the future by still engaging in product innovation and optimisation but placing even more emphasis on how our products are packed as well as transported to the customer.

We have not only done this in the past, we are doing it today and will continue to do so tomorrow and in the future.

Turn the glass box of your ACD® Prestige into a fun mini vegetable garden for the kids.

Energy Hub - not only a greenhouse

The greenhouse or as we say, the glass house, is one of the few places where natural elements come together in a kind of microclimate. We talk about earth, water, light and air.

Water is important to be able to use for your own short chain, your own vitamin factory of vegetables, fruit, … The quality of water is deteriorating and water is also becoming scarcer, which is why it is important to collect rainwater from the roof of your greenhouse in a rain barrel. That way, you can irrigate where necessary. Here, too, you need to find a balance – not too much and not too little.

Besides water, sunlight is important to ensure that everything can grow and develop. Our constructions are designed so that you can perfectly capture sunlight at any time but also, because of the hammered glass in the roof, make sure your vegetables and/or fruit don’t get burnt by too much sun and UV light

Each greenhouse and/or glass house is equipped with a sliding door and skylight/roof windows, possibly screen door for adequate ventilation. Too high temperatures are not good for your vitamin factory and therefore you need adequate ventilation to avoid heat spikes and prevent burning.

The base of your vitamin factory is the earth, the soil where you plant the seed, provide it with water, sufficient air and light. Put energy into the soil and you will get energy out of it afterwards. Vary what you grow so that the soil always remains rich in basic elements. Your soil will thank you and give back energy through what you grow.

Ready to choose your own Energy Hub? Enter the world of ACD®.