A simple greenhouse? An oasis of calm? A space to put your jacuzzi in?


R410 with double door on the side

Greenhouse on a wall

Greenhouse under a staircase

A wall greenhouse, ready for the new season

Serre dans l’aménagement paysager

Greenhouse on wheels

A real grow greenhouse

The sky is the limit

Wall greenhouse in the green

Stylish wall greenhouse

Greenhouse attached to your shed

A big greenhouse

Bring nature to the city

A greenhouse with a view

S210 Blackline with wooden floor

R310 – Life in pink

Part greenhouse + patio

Greenhouse on the roof


Bring the garden into your greenhouse

The animal-friendly greenhouse

Greenhouse in the countryside

Extra-high Blackline with wooden floor

R306 blackline

Friends, family & flavours

Bora bora

Imagine yourself in a haven of peace

Combination possible

Stylish wall greenhouse

Country Style

A greenhouse on a wall is possible

A greenhouse on the roof

Enjoy your greenhouse

Combining possibilities

A second house on your roof…

BoraBora: relaxation room!

Garden pavillion with jacuzzi

Garden pavillions

Business & pleasure

R305 blackline

R205 blackline at my pop-up greenhouse

Garden room Sophie in Waerwaters


R205 blackline at Roeselare

R306 XH at the Lovie in Poperinge

Greenhouses at the castle in Ooidonk

R306 XH blackline at a wedding party

R410 on the horeca expo

Sophie as a holiday home

R210 double roof

Sophie on a wall

S310 pretty in pink

An S208 for the turtles

Double garden & living room Sophie

M310 with dubbel doors

R205 blackline on a roof

R307 blackline on a roof

R306XH as officehub

Double R307 with wooden shed in between

Project & construct