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Vegetable of the Month

Angelo Dorny has been fascinated by nature all his life.

He prefers to combine this passion for greenery with hours of cooking pleasure, if possible. For Angelo, the garden is an inexhaustible source of peace and serenity, a wonderful place to recover from a busy day.

Since childhood, he also likes to write, sharing his experiences and findings with anyone who needs them.

Today it has become his profession and he is fortunate to be able to enthuse thousands of people with what he loves to do.

Angelo Dorny

Els Deschepper

Why am I an ACD® Ambassador?

If you have a passion and love for gardening and all things organic, if you have been growing vegetables naturally for many years and enjoy the sound and feel of being in nature -like me-, if your beauty in the wants to bring to the world, then a beautifully decorated garden should not be missing… and certainly not a greenhouse where you can grow your own vegetables almost all year round.

It gives peace and bliss and for me it is mainly a way to de-stress, to withdraw from the hectic pace of the sometimes turbulent everyday life. And if you get to meet such nice people like those at ACD® in your search for a new conservatory, then you just automatically choose those beautiful conservatories of theirs.

Moreover, I have found that this quality ensures a higher yield.

Beauty, efficiency, friendliness and tranquility: those are their greenhouses, but that’s what they stand for at ACD® themselves.

My name is Greetje Janssen, married to Dirk and mother of 3 children. More than 4 years ago we moved to the east of the Netherlands for more peace and space. We have always loved gardening and nature. In this place we can go out into nature even more, garden and live more and more self-sufficiently.

Over the years, our garden has increasingly become an edible garden. There are fruit and nut trees, we have a vegetable and herb garden and we also grow our own small fruit and flowers for picking.

We not only get our food from the garden, but also, for example, remedies for minor ailments, material for creative processing and decoration for the home.

Online I am mainly active on Instagram as @GewoonGreetje. Almost every day I inspire people with posts about gardening, greener/more sustainable living and nature. I regularly post a blog on my website.

In addition, I give advice, both online and offline, about the edible garden and greener living.

Greetje Janssen - Gewoon Greetje

Guillaume Desfaucheux

Guillaume Desfaucheux is passionate about agro-ecology and fruit and vegetable plants.

On his small farm in Corrèze, located on a hill 480 metres above sea level, he particularly enjoys growing perennials. But he also spends a lot of time in his annual vegetable garden.

Guillaume is a big fan of greenhouses and their ability to create an ideal microclimate for plants. He grows early vegetables, as well as citrus and other perennials.

On the blogs Terra Potager and Le potager permacole, he enthusiastically teaches you vegetable gardening.

Mme Zsazsa has been writing blogs, books and columns for newspapers and magazines for about 15 years – always with vegetables in the lead role. But much rather than sitting indoors, she gets her hands dirty in the vegetable garden and conservatory during the day while she muses about the food that will be on the table in the evening.

Madame ZsaZsa

Mélanie Guisset

My name is Mélanie Guisset, I am 40 years old, I have 3 children and I live in the countryside with my family. I am an eco-responsible content creator on Instagram, under the name of Melting. Green and I am a radio columnist on RTBF.

I started gardening 4 years ago and it quickly became a passion.

I have a vegetable garden which is more or less 300 square meters cultivable, with 3 greenhouses. I grow many fruits and vegetables there and attach great importance to biodiversity and respect for my environment. I garden organically on living soil and I love to create and cook recipes with everything I grow.

My vegetable garden is really my passion! In the sunny south of the Netherlands I have been growing my own vegetables, herbs and flowers since 2015. Through my social media channels I want to share all my experiences and harvests with you. In my first year I experimented a lot, because everything was new and I still had to get to know the vegetable garden world. I found out that gardening is really my passion. I can work in the garden for hours and then relax completely.

During this time I have learned a lot and I keep trying new things! I am proud of my vegetable garden and like to share everything I experience. Not only my harvest, but also the critters I encounter, my new tools, videos of my chickens and beautiful flowers along the road or on vacation. Together with you, my fellow vegetable gardeners, I hope we can maintain a beautiful and colorful world!

Myrna Creemers - Mijn moestuin Mijn Passie

Sofie Maes - De moestuin van Sofie

Welcome to Sofie’s vegetable garden. Gardening is my passion and I love being outdoors. With my hands in the earth and my face in the sun I feel at my best. The vegetable garden mainly contains traditional vegetables such as pumpkins, zucchini, chard, leeks and herbs; but also species that you will not find in a standard garden. Tomatoes are my real passion: small, large, round, heart-shaped… In my ACD® Prestige greenhouse of just under 10 m², there are mainly tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and peppers. Everything is grown with love, with respect for nature, butterflies and bees.

Tom le Jardinier started very young, to grow his own vegetables. It was with his grandfather that the little gardener as tall as three apples put his hands in the ground. Quite naturally, Tom trained as a horticulturist.

Tom then unleashed his potential and now shares his knowledge and his vegetable garden tips on social networks, from Youtube to Instagram via Facebook, to all those who wish to get their hands in the ground to grow their vegetables.

Tom Monnat - Tom le Jardinier