Walled greenhouse straight walls MR2H

  • structure in aluminium with self-supporting foundation
  • roof in 4 mm hammered safety glass
  • sidewalls in 4 mm float clear safety glass
  • stainless steel bolts and nuts
  • 12 year warranty on structure and 2 year on coating
  • doors: 1
  • roof windows: depending on length
ACD® Prestige greenhouse down to the smallest details


Starters pack

Price:€ 74,95

This starter pack will get you off to a flying start.

2 seed boxes


tomato hooks (10st)

plant guides (10st)

droplets kit

Grow pack

Price:€ 279 (alu) / € 329 (coated)

Use the work table for repotting and transplanting, the shelf for storing materials and step in and out easily via our handy aluminium ramps. Also, already attach your tomato hooks to the frame of your ACD® Prestige greenhouse and start-to-grow.

universal worktable 225 x 52cm

universal shelve 225 x 32cm

2 alu ramps

tomato hook (10p.)

Ventilation pack

Price:€ 219 (alu) / € 289 (coated)

Ensure adequate ventilation and air circulation in your ACD® Prestige greenhouse.

screen door

extra roof window

Design pack

Price:€ 349 (alu) / € 399 (coated)

Opt for a little more sophistication and finish through our aesthetic package.

2 alu drain pipes (RAL 9005)

double shelve 81 x 10 x 3cm

metro door


Screen door

€ 169 (alu) / € 229 (coated)

Always ensure adequate ventilation in your conservatory and keep out unwanted guests such as cats, dogs and rabbits.

Additional roof window

€ 109 (alu) / € 149 (coated)

An additional window provides the necessary air supply and circulation in your greenhouse.

Automatic window opener

€ 49

Automatically opens the window when it is too hot in your greenhouse.

Ventilation screen

€ 199

Ensures that your greenhouse is always adequately ventilated in combination with a door or double door.

Extra door

€ 169 (alu) / € 229 (coated)

Installing an extra door on rear elevation allows you to enter your greenhouse from both sides. Place an extra door for a double door opening in your greenhouse Prestige. Please note: this is not possible for every type of greenhouse.

Patio door

€ 349 (alu) / € 499 (coated)

Large sliding door for on the side of the greenhouse.

Set of 2 shelves 86 x 15

€ 69 (alu) / € 99 (coated)

Ideal to place small plants, flowers or work materials on.

Double shelve 81 x 10

€ 69 (alu) / € 99 (coated)

Small, fun and compact.

Compact table 71,5 x 52

€ 69 (alu) / € 89 (coated)

Practical and compact table

Compact table with wood 71,5 x 52

€ 89 (alu) / € 109 (coated)

Compact, attractive and sophisticated.

Universal worktable 225 x 52

€ 119 (alu) / € 159 (coated)

Stylish work table.

Universal worktable with wood 225 x 52

€ 169 (alu) / € 209 (coated)

Stylish work table.

Compact shelf 71,5 x 32

€ 49 (alu) / € 69 (coated)

Compact and practical

Compact shelf with wood 71,5 x 32

€ 69 (alu) / € 89 (coated)

Compact, attractive and sophisticated.

Universal shelf 225 x 32

€ 89 (alu) / € 119 (coated)

Suitable for placing your new seedlings always high and dry.

Universal shelf with wood 225 x 52

€ 129 (alu) / € 159 (coated)

Ideal for keeping new seedlings high and dry at all tim

Seed table 217 x 42

€ 159 (alu) / € 199 (coated)

User-friendly due to raised edges.

Set 2 black alu drainpipes

€ 139

Can be quickly and easily attached to your ACD® Prestige greenhouse and ensures smooth drainage.

Set 2 black pvc drainpipes

€ 69

Can be quickly and easily attached to your ACD®® Prestige greenhouse and ensures smooth drainage.

Ridge decoration

Starting from € 139 (alu) / € 179 (coated), depending on the model

Rather want a Victorian style for your conservatory? Opt for a ridge decoration to add the finishing touch.


On demand

Personalise your greenhouse with a stylish wooden floor. Thermowood flooring gives a warm and homely atmosphere and turns your greenhouse into a pleasant living environment. You can also choose to have only part of your conservatory fitted with a wooden floor.

Professional shade cloth

Starting from € 145, depending on the model

Ensure perfect control of the temperature and avoid burning your plants.

Modular shade cloth

Starting from € 109, depending on the model

Even more flexibility with the modular shade cloth.

Smart material

Universal mounting hooks (10p.)

Use these universal attachment hooks to hang climbing plants, tomato plants, … hang. You can even use them to hang a heating stove.

Mounting kit

Handy assembly kit to assemble your ACD® Prestige yourself.

Plant guides (10p.)

Hang your plant guides via hammer head bolts in the slots of your ACD® Prestige greenhouse. This way you can give sufficient support to your tomato plants as well as other climbing plants.

Drip kit

This drip kit works on the same principle as a drip hose and the water comes out through the pores. You choose which parts you irrigate. Ideal for irrigating flower boxes in a quick and water-saving way.

Electric heater Palma

Despite its compact shape, this stove is very powerful. Last but not least, it looks beautiful, making it a perfect fit in your conservatory.

Electric heater Phoenix

Electric heaters are easy to control and safe to use. The Phoenix is the most powerful fan for rooms up to 20m².

Bubble wrap (25m)

Thanks to bubble wrap, the heat is kept inside the greenhouse and a screen is created against the cold from outside so you can protect the plants from frost and night frost.

ACD® Thermometer

This accurate thermometer measures the minima and maxima in addition to the current temperature. So you know exactly how warm it is in the greenhouse.

Shade cloth on a roll (5m x 1,2m)

Excess sun can easily make the conservatory too hot in spring and summer. Therefore, shading from the inside with a shade cloth is recommended.

Shade cloth on a roll (5m x 1,8m)

Excess sun can easily make the conservatory too hot in spring and summer. Therefore, shading from the inside with a shade cloth is recommended.

Aluminium ramp

This set of 2 ramps makes it even easier to get in and out of your ACD® Prestige greenhouse.

Potting tray (61cm x 55cm x 20cm)

A handy product for repotting plants is the ACD® potting dish. This way, you don’t waste any potting soil. Potting without spilling.

Sieve with 2 interchangeable nets

For sowing, you can use the fine-meshed grid net. When sifting compost, the larger-meshed net is recommended.

Watering bowl (56cm x 31cm x 3cm)

With the watering tray, you will travel without worry. The mat absorbs water and gives your plants the water they need.

Water collection bowl

Prevent water from running onto your floor. This makes for fun and cleaner work.

Seed box classic (44cm x 40cm x 8cm)

Sturdy and handy seed box of excellent quality.

Harvest basket (36cm x 21cm x 12cm)

A black plastic carry basket to carry your cultivated vegetables in. this handy basket ensures that all those goodies can be carried right into the house.

L-clamps black (10p.)

Ideal for hanging lamps, heaters, baskets, … can also serve as additional fixings for your tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines and other plants. Use in combination with hammer head bolts.

L-clamps (10p.)

Ideal for hanging lamps, heaters, baskets, … can also serve as additional fixings for your tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines and other plants. Use in combination with hammer head bolts.

Stainless steel tomato hook (10p.)

A slot was provided in the aluminium profiles so you can fix everything in the greenhouse without having to drill holes. The tomato hook allows you to hold a tomato spiral straight with string.

Tee bolt in stainless steel, nut included (18p.)

Used for mounting work tables, shelves, plant guides You insert the T-piece into the profile, drrait it a quarter turn and with a nut it is fixed, so very simple.

Fix clips (50p.)

Use these fix clips for fixing shade cloths and bubble wrap in the conservatory. can be used in any conservatory with mounting slots in the glass rods.

Clips en V (20p.)

Vous pouvez facilement fixer ce clip dans le cadre d’une serre. Combiné avec de la ficelle, ce clip peut être utilisé comme guide de plantes ou pour fixer une spirale de tomates.

Glass clips S (20p.)

The glass clip is placed between 2 windows and made of aluminium.

Glass clips M (20p.)

A glass clip is used for securing glass in the frame of a conservatory.

Dealer network

In our home countries we talk about Premium dealers and regular dealers. But we go further than this. In addition to the dealers, we also have specialists such as our ACD® Service Points, ACD® Glass Service Points, ACD® Certified Assemblers and also ACD® Wholesalers.