Making plans to grow your own vegetables? Are you already a convinced vegetable gardener and want to buy a greenhouse to expand? Or maybe you’re looking for a small greenhouse to grow flowers in or to use as a living greenhouse? Either way: you want to buy a greenhouse. Below you’ll discover from a to z everything you need to know about greenhouses so you’re fully prepared for your purchase.

What is a greenhouse what do you use it for?

What exactly is a greenhouse, and what is it used for? A greenhouse is a form of greenhouse farming familiar from agriculture, but also as a home grower you can use a greenhouse to create a microclimate in your vegetable garden. This way, you provide the optimal temperature and light to grow plants that would not grow as well or at all outside in the open ground.

Moreover, with a greenhouse you extend the growing season, because you can enjoy your harvest longer in the fall and start pre-sowing early in the spring. An ACD® greenhouse consists of glass (safety glass), circular aluminum and stainless steel bolts and nuts. This has the advantage that these quality materials increase the durability of your greenhouse, unlike when you buy a cheap greenhouse made of plastic.

Did you know that … you can buy a greenhouse not only to grow in, but also to set up as a cozy garden room?

Because your greenhouse is an excellent roof that provides shelter from rain and wind, but with its glass walls still provides an outdoor feeling. The difference with a veranda is that a greenhouse is usually not insulated.

What types of greenhouses are there?

Every garden is different and requires a different type of greenhouse to suit your vegetable garden plans. Therefore, there are several types to choose from when you go to buy a greenhouse:

  • First, ACD® greenhouses come in different sizes – from the smallest Piccolo P03 to the large S208.

  • In addition, you can choose a walled greenhouse – which is built against a facade – or a freestanding greenhouse.

  • Finally, there are greenhouses with straight and with sloping walls. This is an aesthetic choice, but also a practical one because sloping walls better protect against wind damage.

Wondering which greenhouse is best suited for your garden? Our overview of the different types of greenhouses will certainly help you to buy the right greenhouse.

Besides the type of greenhouse, you can also choose a finish in your favorite RAL color. Want to buy a stylish and timeless black greenhouse? Then take a look at our Blackline range. Prefer white, dark green or a striking color such as yellow, pink or bright red? That too is possible!

Did you know… you can sometimes find second-hand greenhouses? Thanks to the long lifespan of an ACD® greenhouse, they are often passed on from generation to generation. Maybe there is someone in your family who has a greenhouse that he or she no longer uses? Or could you take a look on second-hand websites such as 2dehands, Facebook Marketplace of Marktplaats? Buying a used greenhouse is not only cheaper, it’s also an ecological decision. And let sustainability be a value we value highly at ACD®.

Installing your greenhouse: from foundations to the ideal spot

Have you chosen the greenhouse of your dreams? Then it’s time to prepare everything for installation. First check whether your municipality and your situation require a permit. Totally okay? Then you can choose a spot in your garden where you will place your greenhouse. Consider:

  • the view. Jouw serre mag gezien worden, maar moet ook in harmonie staan met jouw huis en tuin.

  • sunlight. Do not place your greenhouse in too much shade. Preferably place it with the long side facing east and the short side (with the doorway) facing south to get maximum benefit from the sunlight.

  • the wind. A greenhouse that is too much in the wind cools quickly and is prone to storm damage. Choose a sheltered location that still doesn’t take away the sun.

  • the distance from your home. The shorter your food chain, the better! Plus, it’s convenient if you don’t have to walk too far to water your plants daily.

Next, you’re going to provide the foundation. This is important to protect your greenhouse from ground pressure. Without a foundation, winter frost can push your greenhouse up in height, while the drawdown of groundwater in summer would cause your greenhouse to sink. ACD® greenhouses come standard with a self-supporting aluminum foundation. This is convenient to install yourself, does not seal off the soil in the greenhouse and is easy to move later if you want to take your greenhouse with you to a new house.

You can install your greenhouse yourself thanks to the handy ACD® installation kit. Would you rather call in a professional? In Belgium, you can call on our network of experienced ACD® installers.

Watch our full video guide to install your ACD® greenhouse yourself.

Add additional greenhouse supplies and accessories

Did you know that we also have a variety of greenhouse supplies that make your greenhouse life easier? For example, our automatic window opener ensures that the temperature in your greenhouse remains optimal at all times. A screen door increases ventilation without letting unwanted animals (like dogs and cats) and insects into your greenhouse. With shelves and worktables you can also arrange your greenhouse vertically to get even more out of the available space.

When you purchase an ACD® greenhouse, you enjoy discount packages on various accessories. Think of the Starter Package, perfect for the novice vegetable gardener. Or our different types of packages that bundle all your greenhouse supplies and mounting materials.

Getting started in the greenhouse: Growing vegetables for beginners

Time to work out your vegetable gardening plans and think about what you’re going to put in your greenhouse. Will you grow only vegetables or also fruits, herbs and flowers? Will you go for easy beginner plants or already venture into more advanced growing crops?

→  Check out our guide for greenhouse beginners for tips, inspiration and a step-by-step plan.

What about your greenhouse in the winter?

Of course you celebrate your greenhouse’s peak season in spring, summer and early fall. But did you know you can continue to use your greenhouse in winter? For example, you can:

  • grow winter crops such as corn salad, winter spinach, winter purslane and chervil in the fall;
  • start pre-sowing in early spring for spring;
  • let sensitive plants overwinter in your greenhouse;
  • use the greenhouse as a shelter for chickens and other garden animals;
  • turning it into a cozy garden room or storage space for your garden furniture.

So you see, life never stands still in the greenhouse!

Buying an ACD® greenhouse

All ready to buy the greenhouse of your dreams? Visit one of our dealers to place your order or make an appointment in our Experience Center in Roeselare. If you still have questions before buying a greenhouse, we or our partners will answer them with care.

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