Want to buy a greenhouse that is practical and space-saving, but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye? Then an ACD® wall greenhouse – small or large – is a good idea. In it you can grow your own vegetables and/or use it as a garden room or greenhouse.

Why choose a wall greenhouse?

ACD® wall greenhouses are placed against the facade of a house or an outbuilding. Practical, as it takes up less space than a freestanding greenhouse. Would you like to provide a tap or electricity in your greenhouse? Or heating so you can also use your greenhouse in the winter? Then a wall greenhouse is handy because you can run the pipes from inside the house through the wall.

Moreover, as with other types of greenhouses, you can choose the model and finish of your ACD® wall greenhouse. Go for the larger MS3H model or just a mini wall greenhouse. Choose whether you want a wall greenhouse with straight or sloped walls. And do you want a black wall greenhouse or a coating in another RAL color? This way you can create the wall greenhouse of your dreams yourself.

Take a look at one of our wall greenhouses:


Installing your greenhouse

Good to know: ACD® wall greenhouses come with a self-supporting foundation for your greenhouse. This ensures that the greenhouse stands firmly without the need to provide concrete foundations. Moreover, you can choose to make the wall greenhouse yourself or have it assembled by our experienced fitters.

The different ACD® wall greenhouses

ACD® wall greenhouses are always made of aluminum and safety glass. Unlike wooden or polycarbonate greenhouses, they are stronger, last longer and require less maintenance.

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