• Roof in 4 mm hammered safety glass
  • Sidewalls in 4 mm float clear safety glass
  • Structure in aluminum
  • Self-supporting aluminum foundation with anchors
  • Stainless steel bolts and nuts
  • 12 year warranty (see warranty conditions)
  • FREE home delivery (Benelux and France) in pack to install by yourself
  • Delivery time 2 to 3 weeks after order confirmation (5 to 6 weeks in RAL color or with installation by ACD®)
  • Installation by ACD® in Belgium is possible on request
  • Several accessories available such as extra door, ridge decoration, screen door, tables, etc. advantageous in package
Available colors Accessories
Surface (m2) 22,53
Width (m) 3,80
Length (m) 5,93
Gutter height (m) 1,72
Ridge height (m) 2,53
Skylights 4
Doors 1
Door opening (m) 1,85 x 0,68

The Prestige collection is entirely manufactured by a Belgian manufacturer and made from the pure love for aluminium and glass products. The Develtere family had one dream: to create a garden greenhouse that you will enjoy for a lifetime. All the constructions are durable and extremely strong.

Every employee is permeated by the quality microbe. They are very happy to assist you; every day anew in order for you to realize your dream, in cooperation with you.


Ventilation pack

Alu € 207,00
Coated € 311,00
Assembly € 50,00

1 x screen door

1 extra skylight

1 x automatic window opener

Starters pack

Price € 39,00

1 x V Clips

20 units

1 x harvest basket black

1 x droplets kit

Content: 10.5 litres / 5m

1 x ACD® min -max thermometer

Optimalisation pack

Alu € 196,00
Coated € 328,00
Assembly € 50,00

1 x universal worktable

225cm x 52cm

1 x universal shelve

225cm x 32cm

2 x set of 2 shelves

86cm x 15cm

Practical pack

Alu € 229,00
Coated € 329,00
Assembly € 50,00

1 x universal worktable

225cm x 52cm

1 x seed table with inlay

217cm x 42cm x H 10cm

1 x automatic window opener

1 x assembly set

Useful supplies: suction cup for glass, safety goggles, rubber scissors

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More accessories


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Glass plan
S208H-Glasplan.pdf - 310.17kB

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