Do you also consider your garden as a place where you can go and relax completely? The Kuba is the perfect place to forget about the stress of a busy day. Enjoy the outdoors inside the Kuba with a nice glass of wine and a book. Wonderful, isn’t it?

It is always nice when you can enjoy the outdoors 365 days a year. After all, you are no longer seasonal-bound.

  • 12 years guarantee
  • 100% safety glass
  • Roof in hammered glass
  • Self-supporting aluminium foundation
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Choose your garden covering exactly the way you want it.

A modern garden covering provides shelter from all weather conditions. In the summer, you will find shadow and refreshment at the hottest part of the day. Is it a warm day, but it rains? No problem, under our garden covering you will be protected and enjoy your garden longer.


With a garden covering, you can enjoy the outdoors, with the comfort of indoors, all-year round. These models can be used for various activities, such as a lounge area, bar, outdoor kitchen and so on. So sit down and relax.

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The Kuba + a spacious, handy storage space? This is what the Brava is!

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