This covering does not like little edges. Curve is a less robust arc shape. A soft, wavy line with a modern touch. A shape that goes very well with a rural and modern rural building style.

The mounting material consists of stainless steel parts. You can choose between multi-walled polycarbonate (MP10), solid polycarbonate (P4) or solid acrylic (A4).

Also possible as an action model:


  • Surface area (m²): 21
  • Length (mm): 6000
  • Width (mm): 3500
  • Transition height (mm): 2100
  • Attached construction


  • Fast delivery time: 5 weeks
  • 2 posts (L = 2500 mm)
  • 2 posts (L = 2500 mm)All RAL colors available, including textured paint
  • Integrated water drainage with spouts through the posts
  • Foundation: confirmation by hidden U-profile on concrete
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Choose your outdoor covering exactly the way you want it.

When purchasing your outdoor covering, you want to be satisfied with the quality, that is why we have already made the choice of materials for you. The ACD® oudoor coverings are always durable. Above that, they are made of aluminium, which makes sure that only little maintenance is needed.


In addition, you always choose the type of roof sheeting (opal or transparent) and the color of your covering, so it matches your style and that of your home. Of course we are always ready to guide you in this process.

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