Outdoor coverings

Have you been dreaming of a covered lounge area for years to enjoy your garden all year round? Let your creativity run free.

The ACD® outdoor coverings collection includes 4 different roof lines. The roof shapes can be optimally adapted to your house. Further you can choose between multi-walled polycarbonate (MP10), solid polycarbonate (P4) or solid acrylic (A4).

ACD® stands for quality, flexibility and craftsmanship.


The Hill is characterized by a slanting roof shape. The sleek look fits perfectly with any type of home or building.


The Curve is characterized by a softer arch shape. The Curve models with a soft wavy line retain their modern touch.


The Arc is characterized by a typical arch shape. The Arc models can be mounted by affixing them to an existing building, or they can be free-standing.


This outdoor covering becomes one with the home. The roof construction ensures that you are protected from the rain, snow or sun time and time again.


This carport represents a space that is in perfect harmony with the total "Look & Feel" of your home.

Outdoor coverings

Whether a large garden or a small piece of terrace does not matter, you can always enjoy yourself under an outdoor covering. Moreover, you determine the size, final finish and the appearance of your roof entirely by yourself.

Depending on the desired style that you want, you can choose between a flat, curved or slanting roof. In addition to the roof shape, you can also choose the type of roof sheeting and the color of your covering (RAL-color of choice).


Bye-bye garage. Hello aluminium carport with storage!

A carport is a practical application of an awning and can be carried out as standard, or customized. The different roof types, designs and colours ensure a seamless connection with the style of the house.

ACD® provides shelter!

Thanks to an ACD® awning, you can create extra storage space, you can have a pleasant covered patio, or even a practical parking space for your car.

Five reasons for choosing a carport

An awning is often used to park a car under. The car thus remains protected against all weather conditions.