Madame ZsaZsa

Mme Zsazsa has been writing - always with vegetables in the lead - about blogs, books and columns for newspapers and magazines for about 15 years. But much more so than sitting indoors, she gets her hands dirty in the vegetable garden and greenhouse during the day, while she muses about the food that comes out at night.

Autumn in the greenhouse

In the summer, the greenhouse lavishly rewards us with all the goodies that grow there, but did you know that the much longer period that surrounds summer can make for a much more diverse selection of vegetables?

The greenhouse at the end of August

Although some days still feel quite summery, autumn is already tangible. Especially when the alarm clock goes off. Since when is it still dark at seven o’clock? Also in the greenhouse you can feel that the sun has lost much of its power, the tomatoes ripen much less quickly and I can only harvest three […]

The greenhouse in the spring

In February, the weather can go in almost any direction, it can freeze, it can thaw and there are certainly days in which spring is already in the country.

The greenhouse in February

It is a great convenience to have extra sowing space available in the spring!

The greenhouse in March

What a pleasure to come into the greenhouse this month and be welcomed by young life that is present everywhere!

Autumn in the greenhouse

The first frost irrevocably stops the tomatoes, paprikas, peppers, cucumbers and all other warmth-loving vegetables that are still in your greenhouse.

Leaf puree…

One thing leads to another...

How do you best treat your tomatoes?

I work in the greenhouse once a week; preferably in the morning I remove all the side-shoots and I pick the leaves that are withered or that take away too much light from the tomatoes. It is often too hot in the conservatory during the day, but there is another reason why I prefer to […]