Choosing ACD® means choosing safety

ACD® opts to provide safety glass with polished side edges.

This ensures even more strength and safety! Quality and safe assembly guaranteed!
Safety glass has many extra features:

  • 7 x stronger than standard, drawn plate glass
  • 5 x stronger than non-tempered plate glass
  • Tempered according to the European temper standard EN12150
  • In the event of breakage, it breaks into harmless, small pieces, such as in the case of a car window
  • More resistant to influences from nature, such as hail and snow strains

Your advantages:

  • Safe for playing children. The glass can safely withstand a hard kick of a football.
  • Extra safety for humans and animals
  • No sharp edges = polished = safe for assembly
  • Fewer incidents of damage during transport

Hammered safety glass in the roof: unique aspect.
At ACD® we go even further. The Prestige greenhouses are fully equipped in 4mm safety glass as standard.
The side walls consist of safety glass float (transparent) and the roof is equipped with hammered (mat) safety glass*. This is unique!
This is often only offered as an option, while it actually offers a lot of added value.

Your advantages:

  • The sunbeams are broken, so there is less chance of your plants getting scorched
  • A better distribution of the light, whereby the plants grow better and more firmly
  • Condensed water rolls down the glass, so that no drops fall on the plants and they are less susceptible to diseases

We combine the advantages of both hammered safety glass and transparent safety glass.
This is exceptional and unique in the hobby greenhouse industry.
This way you can enjoy your greenhouse to a maximum, without extra costs.