• Quality in everything that we do
  • Unique self-supporting foundation
  • Large window with storm protection
  • High and very accessible sliding door
  • 4 mm safety glass, hammered into the roof
  • 4 mm clear float safety glass in our side walls

Alu deals

The Alu deals consist of different types of greenhouses at great promotional prices.

Blackline deals

The blackline deals models consist of different greenhouses at great promotional prices.

Greenhouses straight walls

Due to the straight walls, these greenhouses take little space, but utilize this space 100%.

Greenhouses sloped walls

UNIQUE CONCEPT OF ACD®. The sloped walls provide improved light and warmth absorbation. Next to that, they also make the greenhouse more firm.

Urban greenhouses

Do you only have a small garden, or do you live in the city? Then these city greenhouses offer the solution.

Walled greenhouses

These greenhouses are placed against the wall of a home or an outbuilding.

Intro Grow

The Into Grow collectino is a budget-friendly entry range of garden greenhouses.


Equip your greenhouse with the accessories that you desire. This way, you ensure better ventilation, irrigation...


A jacuzzi in a garden pavillion, a greenhouse on the roof, ... These projects can be found on this page.


ACD® offers a wide choice of different models, materials and sizes of greenhouses. So you can create your perfect cultivating or living environment.

The design, production and assembly take place in our workplace in Roeselare. For the assembly, you can choose to assemble your greenhouse yourself with the help of our assembly video or have it carried out by the certified technicians.

Are you more interested in a garden pavillion? Click here.


Autumn is coming

For many people, autumn also means the end of the vegetable garden season. Plants that like it warm, such as pointed peppers, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants stop growing first.

A strange summer

What a vegetable garden year, 2021. What was supposed to be a beautiful summer became one of abundant rain, wind gusts and exceptionally a ray of sunshine.

Grow the juiciest tomatoes in your own ACD® Prestige greenhouse

A greenhouse without tomatoes is like a pub without beer. In a greenhouse, the conditions are more than perfect for growing the most delicious varieties yourself.


Summer is over and fall has begun. It's time to clean up your hobby greenhouse and get it ready for winter. In two blogs I'm going to take you through how I clean up, clean and polish my greenhouse before winter sets in.


When I woke up this morning, it seemed like the sun was rising a little faster than it did a few weeks ago. It's starting to itch: I want to go outside. Sow. Sprouting. Watching everything grow.


I can't fit all the vegetable garden plants inside, otherwise we won't be able to sit at the breakfast table soon because it's filled with trays and pots of all shapes and sizes. So I use my ACD® greenhouse as a pre-sowing place.

2020: my allotment and new hobby greenhouse

Myrna Creemers is happy with her new trendy Prestige S104H from ACD®. Curious how the assembly went? Read on...


Summer is over and fall has begun. It's time to clean up your greenhouse and get it ready for winter. In two blogs I'm going to take you through how I clean up, clean and polish my greenhouse before winter starts.

Autumn in the greenhouse

In the summer, the greenhouse lavishly rewards us with all the goodies that grow there, but did you know that the much longer period that surrounds summer can make for a much more diverse selection of vegetables?

Harvesting, harvesting and more harvesting in the greenhouse

The month of August is all about harvesting in the vegetable garden and in this blog specifically the harvest from my hobby greenhouse. The first fruits are ripe, the sun is shining and that means: harvest it! And the more often you harvest, the more fruit your plants will produce. In other words: harvesting = more fruits.

The greenhouse at the end of August

3 tips against dryness in the vegetable garden

2020 is the third year in a row that the Netherlands is experiencing an exceptional drought that is increasingly depleting its deep water resources. Any time a few raindrops fall from the sky, I am happy.

Shade cloth: A must have for your hobby greenhouse

I said it last time, but what an incredibly nice weather it is. Lots of sun, a nice temperature and evenings that are getting longer. With this amount of sunshine, a shade cloth is really a must.

“ACD®, living outdoors with the comfort of indoors for more than 30 years.”

ACD® blew out 30 candles last year and they summarize the evolution that our company has been through. From a trendy showroom to an extensive dealer network, etc...

The greenhouse in the spring

In February, the weather can go in almost any direction, it can freeze, it can thaw and there are certainly days in which spring is already in the country.

The greenhouse in February

It is a great convenience to have extra sowing space available in the spring!

The greenhouse in March

What a pleasure to come into the greenhouse this month and be welcomed by young life that is present everywhere!

Autumn in the greenhouse

The first frost irrevocably stops the tomatoes, paprikas, peppers, cucumbers and all other warmth-loving vegetables that are still in your greenhouse.

The greenhouse in autumn

The greenhouse serves as a cultivation area for your vegetables and flowers in the spring and, during the summer, it houses tomatoes, peppers, paprikas and cucumbers, amongst others.

Leaf puree...

One thing leads to another...

How do you best treat your tomatoes?