Greenhouses & garden pavillions

  • Quality in everything that we do
  • Unique self-supporting foundation
  • Large skylight with storm protection
  • High & very accessible sliding door
  • 4 mm safety glass, hammered into the roof

Promotion models

The promotion models have been selected as best greenhouses by customers for years. There are different types of greenhouses among the 10 promotion models. With straight walls, slanting walls and our city greenhouses. And this, to top it all, at great promotional prices.

Greenhouses straight walls

These types of greenhouses are the most common. Due to the straight walls, these greenhouses take up little space and the space is 100% utilized.

Greenhouses slanting walls

These types of greenhouses are unique to ACD®. The slanting walls offer optimum light and heat collection and sturdiness.

Urban greenhouses

Do you only have a small garden, or do you live in the city? Then these city greenhouses offer the solution. Even in a small city garden, or on a balcony. Create the ultimate urban feeling.

Walled greenhouses

In addition to separate greenhouses, you can also opt for a sloped greenhouse. As the name suggests, you place this greenhouse against the wall of a home, or an outbuilding.

Intro Grow

The Intro Grow collection is a budget-friendly entry range of garden greenhouses made of aluminium and is available in 4 colours (aluminium colour, green, anthracite grey and black). Small, but exquisite.


Equip your greenhouse with the accessories that you desire. This way, you ensure better heating, ventilation and irrigation. Or, give your greenhouse that little bit of extra flair.


A jacuzzi in a garden pavillion, a greenhouse on the roof, animal-friendly greenhouses, ... This, and more, can be found as part of our unique projects.


“ACD®, living outdoors with the comfort of indoors for more than 30 years.”

ACD® blew out 30 candles last year and they summarize the evolution that our company has been through. From a trendy showroom to an extensive dealer network, etc...

The greenhouse in the spring

In February, the weather can go in almost any direction, it can freeze, it can thaw and there are certainly days in which spring is already in the country.

The greenhouse in February

It is a great convenience to have extra sowing space available in the spring!