Garden pavillions

Anyone who says that a greenhouse is only for cultivation has clearly never heard of a greenhouse.

You can easily transform any traditional greenhouse into a cosy corner in your garden. Some people create a space where you can both grow plants and cover a little corner with bark, where you can sit and enjoy the view of the rest of your garden. Others choose to completely transform their greenhouse into a true living area. Wooden floor, garden furniture, …

A space to fully unwind, to briefly escape from the rest of the world. Maybe it will even become your hobby room?


Surface area: 10,26 m²
Depth: 3,03 m
Width: 3,71 m
Gutter/ridge height: 1,79/2,35 m


Surface area: 15,40 m²
Depth: 3,77 m
Width: 5,19 m
Gutter/ridge height: 1,79/2,35 m


Surface area: 15,79 m²
Depth: 3,77 m
Width: 4,45 m
Gutter/ridge height: 1,79/2,59 m


Surface area: 22,59 m²
Depth: 4,51 m
Width: 5,93 m
Gutter/ridge height: 1,79/2,59 m


Total surface area: 13,62 m²
Depth: 4,45 m
Width: 3,06 m
Gutter/ridge height: 2,03/2,83 m

Enjoy the outside with the warm feeling of inside

The garden has become an important part of the home, your home. Not only on those summer days, but we would like to enjoy our outdoor space as much as possible throughout the year. Just think of those first rays of sunshine in the spring, the cosy family moments in autumn and that blissful winter barbecue with friends. ACD® wants to inspire you to enjoy life in the garden as much as possible. Our live and experience assortment fits perfectly in this picture. Are you looking for a sustainable outdoor room where the herbs, exotic plants, your coffee table, or your lounge chair can find a home? Then the outdoor rooms of ACD® are the perfect solution. The different models, each with their own character, can be perfectly combined with your home and garden. Because of their quantity of glass, they create a feeling of the outside when you are comfortably inside. The many ventilation options and sun blinds make it pleasant to stay, even during the hottest of days.  The combination of the aluminium powder-coated structure (which originates from high-quality greenhouse constructions) and the tempered glass makes it a safe and beautiful whole that suits classic, modern and contemporary homes.

Or, have you been dreaming for years of a covered lounge area to enjoy your garden all year round? Let your creativity run free, only your imagination will limit the choices.

ACD® offers a wide selection of different models, materials and sizes of greenhouses and garden pavilions. This is how you can create your perfect cultivation or experience environment.

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