Garden pavillions

Anyone who says that a greenhouse is only for cultivation has clearly never heard of a garden pavillions.

Any classic greenhouse can easily be transformed into a cosy corner in your garden or on your terrace. Some people create a space where you can both grow plants and sit and enjoy the view of the rest of your garden. Others prefer to transform their greenhouse into a true living area. Wooden floor, garden furniture, …

A space to fully unwind and briefly escape from the rest of the world. Maybe it will even become your hobby room.

- Not available -


Surface area: 10,26 m²
Depth: 3,03 m
Width: 3,71 m
Gutter/ridge height: 1,79/2,35 m
- Not available -


Surface area: 15,40 m²
Depth: 3,77 m
Width: 5,19 m
Gutter/ridge height: 1,79/2,35 m
- Not available -


Surface area: 15,79 m²
Depth: 3,77 m
Width: 4,45 m
Gutter/ridge height: 1,79/2,59 m
- Not available -


Surface area: 22,59 m²
Depth: 4,51 m
Width: 5,93 m
Gutter/ridge height: 1,79/2,59 m


Total surface area: 13,62 m²
Depth: 4,45 m
Width: 3,06 m
Gutter/ridge height: 2,03/2,83 m

Enjoy the outside with the warm feeling of inside

In the last years, the garden has become an important part of our home. Not just on summer days, but all year round we want to enjoy our outdoor space as much as possible. Our garden pavillions fit perfectly into this picture. Because of their quantity of glass, they create a feeling of the outside while still being inside. In addition, the many ventilation options and sun blinds ensure that it is pleasant to stay in even on the hottest days. Please note that garden pavillions are not completely wind-, water-, condensation- and draught-free. We do recommend protection for furniture and electrical installations.

Have you been dreaming about a covered lounge to enjoy your garden all year round? Let your creativity run free, only your imagination limits the choice.

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ACD® offers a wide selection of different models, materials and sizes of greenhouses and garden pavilions. This is how you can create your perfect cultivation or experience environment.

Our realisations


The greenhouse in autumn

The greenhouse serves as a cultivation area for your vegetables and flowers in the spring and, during the summer, it houses tomatoes, peppers, paprikas and cucumbers, amongst others.