Garden coverings

An outdoor covering can be integrated into any garden concept. Modern or classic look? Let your project become one with your home.

Enjoy the outdoors, with the comfort of indoors, all-year round.

Create the atmosphere that you prefer.


The Kuba + a spacious, handy storage space? This is what the Brava is!


Need a place to completely unwind? The Kuba is the perfect place to forget about the stress of a busy day.


Bye-bye garage. Hello aluminium carport with storage!

A carport is a practical application of an awning and can be carried out as standard, or customized. The different roof types, designs and colours ensure a seamless connection with the style of the house.

ACD® provides shelter!

Thanks to an ACD® awning, you can create extra storage space, you can have a pleasant covered patio, or even a practical parking space for your car.

Five reasons for choosing a carport

An awning is often used to park a car under. The car thus remains protected against all weather conditions.