ACD® Delivery conditions

  1. The delivery
    1. 1 Date of delivery

The transporter will contact the end consumer a few days before the delivery to determine a delivery date.
If the delivery is postponed after an order has been placed, an additional cost of 60 Euro will be charged.
As from the 5th week of this delay, this amount will be increased by 2 Euro per day.
++ If the delivery is refused, a fee of € 250 will be charged.
++ Always ensure that someone is present at the time of delivery. If no one is present at the time of delivery (despite the agreement made), a cost of € 250 will be charged.
++ We request that you unpack your goods and check them thoroughly within 2 months after delivery.
Make use of your manual in this regard.
Every request, comment or complaint will be admissible for up to 2 months after the actual delivery.

2. Delivery address

++ The delivery address must be accessible for heavy goods vehicles.
(truck with max dimensions: W 2,50 m x H 4,10 m x L 18,70 m, with tail-lift/release valve).
++ If the delivery address is not accessible for heavy goods vehicles, please stipulate this in advance on the order form. If this has not been reported in advance, a fixed-rate amount of € 250 will be charged.
++ Cumbersome accessibility? ACD® has worked out a solution for this.
A small truck (smaller than the above dimensions) > € 150

3. Practical information on delivery

++ The boxes with the frame of the greenhouse are unloaded manually. The glass crate is unloaded with a pallet.
++ The goods are delivered on the pavement as standard.

4. Storage of the greenhouse

++ Keep the delivery dry and protected. If the packaging is exposed to rain and lots of sun, this can cause irreparable damage
to the greenhouse (windows stick together, stains on the glass, glue residue…)

5. Measurements and weight of the promotion models

++ For more information about the measurements & weight of boxes and glass crate: visit the website

6. Damage or incorrect components upon delivery

++ Always take delivery of the goods (even if they are damaged).
++ Visible damage to the packaging and/or the goods must be noted immediately and described in detail on the transporter’s delivery note. In other words, do not only write “Subject to quantity and condition”, but, be more specific, for example: “We see broken windows in the glass crate”. Invisible damage or non-compliant delivery must be reported as soon as possible (maximum up to two months after delivery). Contact our after-sales service via a written notification ( and send the following items for smooth handling:
Clear description of the error (use your manual or glass plan and indicate)
Proof of purchase
Photos in case of damage or a deviating product
Reference number of your shipment (VP19_xxxx)

ACD® guarantee conditions

ACD® must makes all information available to the Customer in writing with regards to the guarantee regulation for the new goods delivered and/or placed by ACD® and that at the latest when the agreement between ACD® and the Customer is established.

+ ACD® Prestige greenhouses:
12-years factory guarantee
 2 years on colour coating
 There is a 1-year guarantee on moving and rolling parts

+ ACD® greenhouses (not Prestige range):
 10-years factory guarantee
 2 years colour coating

We replace any component that would not meet our high standard requirements for free. The guarantee covers all possible damages that are due to defects in the material. The guarantee only covers the material costs and it excludes the
labour costs. This guarantee is given to the original owner and is not transferable. The guarantee excludes all damages due to incorrect or irresponsible use, or damage due to exceptional nature-related situations. No guarantee is granted on the glazing (glass and/or polycarbonate).
In the event of repairs after this period, the costs for working hours and travelling must be paid by the Customer. The entitlement to this guarantee only applies after full payment of the invoice by the Customer. The goods delivered and/or placed by ACD® will receive the manufacturer’s guarantee from the manufacturer of the goods, as communicated by ACD® to the Customer, at the latest at the conclusion of the agreement between ACD® and the Customer.

Consequential damages as a result (damage to other materials or to third parties) are not included in this guarantee. The ACD®® guarantee does not apply to the following points:
+ If it was determined during the repairs by ACD® that the user and maintenance instructions were not complied with
+ If there was improper or irresponsible use, an incorrect connection by third parties or incorrect maintenance (not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions)
+ Repairs or amendments to the goods were carried out by third parties
+ There is evidence of damage due to third parties/vandalism
+ There is damage due to exposure to an aggressive environment (corrosion, discolouration,…)
+ The product is not assembled according to the rules and regulations, or it deviates from the manual
+ On glass and all accessories
+ In case of damage due to storms, wind blisters or hailstorms.

The ACD® greenhouses and constructions are not wind-, draft- or condensation-free.