Outdoor coverings

The ACD® outdoor coverings collection includes 4 different roof lines. The roof shapes can be optimally adapted to your house.

Our outdoor coverings consist of unique aluminium profiles. The mounting material consists of stainless steel parts. You can choose between multi-walled polycarbonate, solid polycarbonate or solid acrylic.

ACD® stands for quality, flexibility, craftsmanship, … Questions or specific wishes, we will gladly help you further.


The Hill is characterized by a slanting roof shape. The Hill models have a trendy and modern look at a competitive price. The sleek look fits perfectly with any type of home or building.


The Curve is characterized by a softer arch shape. The Curve models with a soft wavy line retain their modern touch.


The Arc is characterized by a typical arch shape. The Arc models can be mounted by affixing them to an existing building, or they can be free-standing. Keeping in style with the style of your home.

Lignium Collection

The Designed is characterized by its sleek border. This stylish version provides that extra finishing touch to your awning.

Outdoor coverings

Whether you live large or small, an outdoor covering is always a valuable addition to your home. Whether a large garden or a small piece of patio does not matter, you can enjoy to the full under an outdoor covering. Moreover, you determine the size and final finish entirely by yourself. In addition to the desired size, you determine the appearance of your roof entirely by yourself. Characteristic of an influence on the look of the covering in the type of roof shape.

Depending on the desired style that you want, you can choose between a flat, curved or slanting roof. In addition to the roof shape, you can also choose the type of roof sheeting, which, in turn, has an influence on the amount of light that will be let in. In a nutshell, you have already chosen the sizes, types of roof shape and roof sheeting, but you can also choose the colour version of your covering yourself (RAL colour of your choice). And last, but not least, it is your choice whether you want to get started yourself with the assembly of the carport, outdoor covering or pergola (with the help of our mounting video), or whether you want to rely on the expertise of our experienced technicians.