The ACD® carport collection includes 4 different roof lines. You can choose from different models within each roof line. Curved, straight, soft arc shape, sleek finish, make your choice below. Our outdoor coverings consist of unique aluminium profiles. The mounting material consists of stainless steel parts. You can choose between multi-walled polycarbonate, solid polycarbonate or solid acrylic.

ACD® stands for quality, flexibility, craftsmanship, … Questions or specific wishes, we will gladly help you further.


A hip & trendy carport at a competitive price. That is what Hill is...


This carport does not like little edges. Curve is a less robust arc shape.


This carport defies everything that is straight. Arc is the model that uses the arc shape optimally.

Lignium Collection

Would you prefer a rigid shape? Then opt for a “design” finish


An ACD® carport offers shelter for your car, trailer, delivery van,… without sacrificing any comfort. Your vehicle is protected in all weather conditions. Due to the constant air circulation, you will never have to scrape again in freezing weather and the windows of your vehicle will always be free of condensation when you leave in the morning. An aluminium carport is maintenance-friendly, translucent, weather-resistant and durable. Moreover, it is made entirely according to your wishes and style.


Bye-bye garage. Hello aluminium carport with storage!

A carport is a practical application of an awning and can be carried out as standard, or customized. The different roof types, designs and colours ensure a seamless connection with the style of the house.

ACD® provides shelter!

Thanks to an ACD® awning, you can create extra storage space, you can have a pleasant covered patio, or even a practical parking space for your car.

Five reasons for choosing a carport

An awning is often used to park a car under. The car thus remains protected against all weather conditions.