Autumn is coming

Autumn is coming

When you go to get the newspaper out of the mailbox in the morning, you can already feel it : it is getting colder. First it’s the turn of the nights, but within a few weeks you’ll need a coat again to go out the door. For many people, autumn also means the end of the vegetable garden season. Plants that like it warm, such as pointed peppers, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants stop growing first. When the first night frost arrives, other plants will quietly wither away.


Chores in the vegetable garden in autumn

You can now cut off the leaves of all the sun-deprived plants (e.g. tomatoes) in your greenhouse. This seems very drastic, but by doing so you ensure that the formed fruits get sunlight. Also, a shade cloth is no longer necessary. It is even better to remove it so your plants can optimally enjoy every ray of sunlight. Let it be that sunlight that ensures that the fruits quickly get their desired color and start ripening. Thanks to sufficient light the taste of the vegetables will improve, because more sugars will be formed. Do you still have a lot of green tomatoes hanging around? Then you can also make a tomato chutney.

Next, it is important to protect the soil. Apply a layer of 5-10 cm of homemade compost, leaves or mulch. This way the soil life does not experience too many temperature fluctuations, think of it as a blanket that keeps them warm in the cold winter months. You leave this mulch layer in place until you sow new plants in the spring. Extra nice touch: it prevents weed growth because most weed seeds in the soil won’t germinate if they don’t see the sunlight.


Sowing and vegetable gardening in winter

In your ACD® greenhouse, you can continue to vegetable garden all winter long. Thanks to the glass construction, your plants get plenty of light, even on a drizzly autumn day. The nights can be cold, but once the sun starts shining it warms up immediately.

In my greenhouse, I sow rows of crisp radishes. Behind them comes a bed of spinach and chard. Pick lettuce is also a must in my winter vegetable garden: a few crisp leaves make any dish taste good. Winter cauliflower is also traditionally given a place, but make sure you plant these plants far apart. One plant may seem very small, but it will become a real cauliflower with big leaves!

Do not forget to continue sowing throughout the winter. So sow in several times, so you can continue to harvest fresh vegetables from the vegetable garden all winter.

Written by Sofie Maes

Outdoor person with a passion for natural vegetable gardening with quality materials and products. Fond of tomatoes, peppers and pumpkins of all shapes and colors. Chicken lover and cuddler, the eggs are a nice touch. Enjoys getting her hands dirty with her 2 daughters and then cooking delicious meals with the bountiful harvest.
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