Shade cloth: A must have for your hobby greenhouse

Shade cloth: A must have for your hobby greenhouse

I mentioned it last time, but what an incredibly nice weather it is. Lots of sunshine, a nice temperature and evenings that are getting longer. The tomato plants are growing well and everything in the garden is getting greener and greener (including the weeds). With this amount of sun, a shade cloth is really a must.

The days are getting longer and the number of sun hours has increased significantly. May is on average the sunniest month of the year. It is therefore very important to protect your plants from the bright sunlight to prevent overheating and burning. My hobby greenhouse is in the sun all day and it quickly gets warm inside. Overheating in your greenhouse can cause your plants to burn or the soil to dry out. There are several solutions to protect your greenhouse from direct sunlight and to ensure that the temperature does not get too high.

Personally, I find it very useful to work with a shade cloth, as it blocks both the sunlight and the heat. In my greenhouse, I have a shade cloth that is exactly the right size, which is ideal. The shade cloth consists of 50% aluminum strips and 50% translucent fabric. The cloth is mounted to the greenhouse with a strong wire so it hangs like a curtain. In this way you can close the screen when the sun is shining and slide it open when the weather is less sunny, so that you get maximum light in your conservatory. Because of the hammered glass in the roof, the first sunrays are broken and a filtered light is let through, even without the shade screen.

Tip: This shade cloth can also be used in the winter. Due to the structure of the cloth it protects your conservatory against frost and you do not have to clean up the cloth.

Protect your plants well, because it would be a shame to lose your harvest. In any case, my tomato plants are very happy with their fine climate!

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