When I woke up this morning, it seemed like the sun was rising a little faster than it did a few weeks ago. It’s starting to itch: I want to go outside. Sow. Sprouting. Watching everything grow. It’s still too early for most plants, but that doesn’t stop me from already making plenty of plans in my head. For example, I want to live more sustainably in 2021. It’s quite simple really: I want to collect less plastic waste. Think more about how sustainably something has been produced before I buy it. And above all: grow more myself! Vegetables, fruits, delicious from your own garden. Healthier too, because did you know that home grown vegetables contain more vitamins than the ones you buy in the store?

Vegetables on store shelves are often picked unripe, otherwise they would rot from all that transport. This is accompanied by a lot of flavor and vitamin loss. So give me a nice portion of freshly picked greens from my own garden or greenhouse.

Thanks to my greenhouse, I have the advantage of being able to grow all year round: there is now winter spinach, for example, but also lettuce. The winter sun does wonders for all that fresh, crisp green. I also hibernate plants that don’t handle frost well, like a banana tree. For our children there is still plenty to do in the garden: mulching (covering the soil with a layer of leaves to prevent frost), collecting eggs from our chickens and keeping the lawn free of leaves. After all, playing outside is so much more fun, and it would be a shame if the washing machine couldn’t run at full speed (muddy pants guaranteed)!

What do you think, should I start sowing in the house anyway? Peppers and chilies for example? I can’t resist, in my head it’s already spring!

Written by Sofie Maes

Outdoor person with a passion for natural vegetable gardening with quality materials and products. Fond of tomatoes, peppers and pumpkins of all shapes and colors. Chicken lover and cuddler, the eggs are a nice touch. Enjoys getting her hands dirty with her 2 daughters and then cooking delicious meals with the bountiful harvest.
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