Harvesting, harvesting and more harvesting in the greenhouse

Harvesting, harvesting and more harvesting in the greenhouse

The month of August is all about harvesting in the vegetable garden and in this blog specifically the harvest from my hobby greenhouse. The first fruits are ripe, the sun is shining and that means: harvest it! And the more often you harvest, the more fruit your plants will produce. In other words: harvesting = more fruits.


There are so many different varieties of tomatoes. Different sizes, types and colors. Every year I try something new. In my hobby greenhouse this year I have three different varieties of tomatoes: Cherry, Yellow pear and Black Cherry. The tomatoes are beautifully colored, in my case: red, yellow and black.

About 10 weeks after sowing, tomatoes are ripe for picking. Always pick tomatoes above the crown or cut off a whole bunch. This way the tomatoes stay fresh longer.


This year, for the first time, I’m trying to grow my own eggplant. In an ideal situation, you harvest eggplant in July, but sometimes things don’t work out the way you want. I myself was a little late in sowing, but I thought it would be fun to just try anyway. My plants are full of flowers and hopefully the first fruits will grow on them in the coming weeks.

Eggplants are harvested unripe, but should be large enough. So pay attention to the color and squeeze the fruit gently to see if it is soft.


My greenhouse is completely filled with cucumbers. Perhaps I have a bit many plants this year, because every time I want to harvest, I go home with about 5 cucumbers. I try to harvest the cucumbers when they are about 20 inches long. If you harvest too late, the fruit has made seeds and the cucumber tastes a bit bitter.

In my greenhouse, I also have peppers and bell bell pepper. These are not yet ripe, so I am waiting to harvest them. You could harvest already and then you will have (just like in the store) a green pepper or bell bell pepper.

What have you already harvested from your greenhouse?
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