Summer is over and fall has begun. It’s time to clean up your hobby greenhouse and get it ready for winter. In two blogs I’m going to take you through how I tidy, clean and polish my greenhouse before winter sets in.

After a great harvest, it’s always hard to decide that the season is at an end. The days get shorter and the temperature drops quickly. Conditions are then no longer optimal for many plants and they stop growing. Periods of heavy rain ensure that fungi and other diseases grow quickly. So it is very important to start cleaning up in time.

Cleaning the greenhouse

After you have removed all the plants from your greenhouse and have aired them well, it is time to continue cleaning up. Put all other items, such as tools, pots, stools, etc. outside your greenhouse for a while, so you can properly clean the entire space. Grab a broom and sweep away cobwebs, dust and sand. Don’t forget the corners!
At the same time, give your tools some attention. Remove the dirt and clean the tools so they still work properly in the spring.

Washing windows

It’s important to keep your greenhouse clean and healthy to maintain a good living environment for your plants. My windows get well dirty every season from splashing rain and plants that have grown up against the windows. After removing the plants, I wash the windows so they are completely clean again and the sun comes through properly.

Automatic window opener storage

In the winter it is very important to store your automatic window opener, especially the cylinder, in a place where no frost will come. The cylinder is not resistant to frost. Store it during the winter and mount the cylinder again in the spring.

So, my greenhouse is ready for the winter! This year for the first time I am going to experiment with sowing certain vegetables again in the winter in a cold greenhouse. Lettuce and radishes are first on the list. I’m going to use bubble wrap to add extra insulation to my greenhouse and I’m intentionally leaving the shade cloth hanging for extra insulation. So plenty of chores for the next few weeks.

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