Summer is over and fall has begun. It’s time to clean up your greenhouse and get it ready for winter. In two blogs I’m going to take you through how I clean up, clean and polish my greenhouse before winter starts.

After a great harvest, it’s always hard to decide that the season is at an end. The days get shorter and the temperature drops quickly. Conditions are then no longer optimal for many plants and they stop growing. Periods of heavy rain ensure that fungi and other diseases grow quickly. So it is very important to start cleaning up in time.

Removing tomato plants

The first thing I did was to start removing my tomato plants. After my vacation, the greenhouse was very overgrown. The thieves were shooting in all directions. I decided to harvest all the tomatoes and remove the plants. A big job. Note to self: next year even better thinning!

While removing the plants, it is also good to see that all the clips you used came off the plant in one piece. Any sticks or tomato spirals you take out of the ground to clean and store for next year.

Tip: Do not put the foliage of tomato plants in the compost pile. Tomato plants are very susceptible to diseases and these diseases are easily transferred to other plants in the compost pile


After removing all the tomato plants from the greenhouse, there was suddenly a lot of light and space again. Now it is important to air and dry your greenhouse. This will prevent fungi and diseases from growing further. Open your windows and doors to let in a nice breeze.

Drying onions and garlic

At this time of year, the containers are hardly used. I thought this was a real shame and saw an opportunity for my onion and garlic harvest. Onions and garlic take about 3 to 4 weeks to dry completely. In a box, I spread the onions out so that the air can pass well through everything and now I can store them nicely in a dark place in my garage.

Eggplant and sweet bell pepper

I will leave my eggplant, bell bell pepper and pepper for a while. They still look good and have no mold. The eggplant still needs to make a final sprint and I’m harvesting plenty of peppers and paprika!

These tasks have been checked off, but there is still plenty on the to-do list to finish before winter. Washing windows, preparing soil and sowing again. You’ll read more about it in part 2 of this blog.

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