3 tips against dryness in the vegetable garden

3 tips against dryness in the vegetable garden

2020 is the third year in a row that the Netherlands is experiencing an exceptional drought that is increasingly depleting its deep water reserves. Every moment that a few raindrops fall from the sky, I am extremely happy. Rain is so important for nature and of course for your vegetable garden. In this blog you will read 3 tips that help me to keep my vegetable garden green during the drought.

  • Collect rainwater with a rain barrel next to your hobby greenhouse

Collecting rainwater is a smart and sustainable solution. It’s better for the environment and it saves you money. Rainwater harvesting is so easy, in fact everyone should do it!

On my allotment I have chosen to collect the rainwater from my hobby greenhouse. The greenhouse is 3.06 by 2.98 meters and at the back I have two rain barrels. Through a drainpipe, the rainwater flows from the roof into the barrels. When I need water, I simply take it out of the rain barrel with a large watering can.

  • Targeted watering and potholes for your plants

When the soil is very dry, water easily runs the wrong way. To make sure that the water goes to the roots of my plants, I always make little holes around the plant, so that I can water in a targeted way and the water doesn’t run away. In this way, the water sinks into the soil in a targeted manner. With a watering can, I water at the stem of the plant and not on the leaves. Wet leaves can burn in the sun.

  • Do not water too often

I always try to use water as sparingly as possible. When it is dry, you might be tempted to water extra often. It’s better not to do this too often. If you water a little often, the roots of your plants will grow upwards and the soil will dry out quickly. It is better to water a lot once a week. The roots will then make more effort to look for water. This makes your plant stronger and more resistant to drought.

Together with ACD® I will embark on this adventure in 2020. Would you like to purchase a greenhouse? Take a look at www.acd.eu or send an email to info@acd.eu.

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