2020: my allotment and new hobby greenhouse

2020: my allotment and new hobby greenhouse

The new year has begun and that means new vegetable garden plans. In 2019, through a number of blogs, I gave you a glimpse into my backyard where ACD®’s Prestige Piccolo P03 shines as the showpiece in my vegetable garden. The year 2020 represents bigger plans for me. After much preparation time, the moment has finally arrived. In 12 blogs, lots of pictures and videos this year I’m going to take you with me through everything that happens around my allotment and the beautiful, red Prestige S104H from ACD® that has been in my proud possession for a few weeks now. I see it as a kind of diary in which all sorts of things will be discussed, such as growing tips, matching products, maintenance, attention to the environment and especially how I carry out my hobby with passion.

My vegetable garden is my passion and I am so happy with my new hobby greenhouse. It is truly a dream come true! Special and unique about this variant are the sloping walls that provide many benefits, namely:

  • A reduced wind pressure so the wind passes over the hobby greenhouse easier
  • A more stable construction, because the weight of the roof is better distributed
  • Larger ground surface
  • More and better light and heat collection: the more light, the better the result!

Compared to the Prestige Piccolo P03, the Prestige S104H is much larger, almost three times the surface area.

  • Name: Prestige S104H
  • Color: ART 401004 – Coating RAL 3002
  • Surface area: 9,12 sqm
  • Dimensions: 3.06 x 2.98 m
  • Ridge Height: 2.37 m
  • Gutter height: 1.72 m
  • Door opening: 1.85 x 0.68 m
  • Glass: 4mm safety glass

I still have to think about how I can make the best use of this place, but first things first…. Before I could start with my vegetable garden plan, the greenhouse had to be built first. In early January it was delivered to my allotment in a self-assembly kit. Large boxes with all (red) aluminum parts, glass plates and components had to find a temporary place on my 100 m2 allotment. Together with some helpers the parts were quickly unloaded and the building up could begin.

We had reserved a whole weekend to set up the greenhouse. Packed with an assembly kit consisting of a suction cup, special screwdriver and scissors, other tools, coffee, sandwiches and snacks we started clearing the surface where the greenhouse will stand. The foundation is self-supporting, but for this it is important that the surface is made completely straight. A crooked foundation = a crooked greenhouse.

Then we started making the frames, where we first put all the parts in the right place to get the shape clear. Step by step we followed the manual and within no time the frames were assembled. When assembling the frames it is very handy to have several helpers, so that a few people can hold everything in place and you can screw at the same time.

Tip: Make sure you have enough helping hands throughout the process. Building a glass greenhouse is a two-man job, but many hands make light work! In addition, the matching assembly kit is incredibly handy, as it contains exactly all the tools you need.

Then it was time to put the glass plates in place. A very precise job, because glass is simply fragile. I found this very exciting, but with the help of a good suction cup we put the glass plates one by one in the right place and secured them with the black strips. Finally, the door, screen door, skylight, two shelves and the sowing table were added and the greenhouse was complete!

My red hobby greenhouse is now shining nicely on the allotment. In the near future there are still many small jobs to be done, such as making a rain gutter and new paths, but fortunately I still have some time for that. Besides those jobs I’m also going to work on making a vegetable garden plan so I can use my space as optimally as possible and grow vegetables/fruits that are 100% organic. You can follow everything on my social media channels.

Together with ACD® I will start this adventure in 2020. Do you also want to buy a greenhouse?

Send an email to info@acd.eu

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