The greenhouse in February

The greenhouse in February

It is a great convenience to have extra sowing space available in the spring. Because, it is not only in the summer that the greenhouse is crowded, there is also an serious lack of space in the spring.
I purchased a seed tray and a work table at the same time as the greenhouse three years ago. That extra level to sow comes in very handy now and in the summer months pots with peppers and paprikas can be added.

I fill the seed tray with two bags of sowing and propagation soil in February and then it is just seedlings everywhere. The soil in the seed tray warms up faster, making everything germinate much faster.
Onions, early cabbages, leeks… this time I filled the entire length with flowers and when they are weaned, the seed box will be emptied again for pumpkins, courgettes, basil, late cabbages, etc.

I do not sow all the vegetables for in the tray; peas, snow peas and beans are sown in pots; they grow so fast and carrots so deep that they are better sown in a high pot that can be planted into the ground immediately after a few weeks . All these pots are on the work table, which is slightly wider than the seed table, otherwise I might have bought two of them. It involves a lot of considerations!

Fortunately, there is still some room left in all the empty places in and underneath the seed trays, where all the pots and trays of vegetables can go. The vegetables that are sown in here remain there until they are harvested; beets, carrots, turnips, radishes, all kinds of leaves, potatoes and herbs. We only use the green of the onions and spring onions, there are enough onions and spring onions outside for later.

Written by Madame ZsaZsa

Mme Zsazsa has been writing - always with vegetables in the lead - about blogs, books and columns for newspapers and magazines for about 15 years. But much more so than sitting indoors, she gets her hands dirty in the vegetable garden and greenhouse during the day, while she muses about the food that comes out at night.
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