Five reasons for choosing a carport

Five reasons for choosing a carport

Protects your vehicle

An awning is often used to park a car under. The car thus remains protected against all weather conditions. A car under a carport gets older in all its splendour; elements such as rust, discolouration, scratches,… are reduced to a minimum.

Always dry

Another big advantage is that you can hide under the carport, against the sun and the rain. This way, you stay dry when you get out of the car during a rain shower, but the car also stays cool during warmer days. In addition, your BBQ party will not be spoilt during a rainy, summer’s day.

Also extra storage space

Furthermore, your covering is perfect to provide the necessary protection for materials, such as bicycles, lawnmowers and motorcycles. If this is not sufficient, you can place an extra storage space to your carport.

Self-assembly or placement

Contrary to a garage, you can assemble a carport yourself. In addition to these self-installing models, we have our own professional craftsmen who will perform the installation for you.

Added value to your home

You can have a carport executed in a style and colour that matches the home, ranging from a rural character to a sleek design. Due to the different designs, roof types and various accessories (such as lighting and walls), we create a unique concept that coincides within the entire picture.


ACD® has been an established value in the manufacturing of aluminium hobby greenhouses, awnings and carports for 30 years. In addition to our standard models, we have a team of professionals craftsmen who will support you in the selection, layout and implementation of all your awnings.

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