Bye-bye garage. Hello aluminium carport with storage!

Bye-bye garage. Hello aluminium carport with storage!

A carport is a practical application of an awning and can be carried out as standard, or customized. The different roof types, designs and colours ensure a seamless connection with the style of the house. The purpose of a carport has changed considerably over the years; not only should it be possible to offer shelter to the omnipresent car, our life and joy, throughout the year, but also to store bicycles, provide storage space, a covered play area and so much more. Couple this with an interesting price-quality ratio and bye-bye garage!

Carport with storage, the obvious choice…

The choice of a qualitative carport is done quickly. Style, purpose, size and colour are decisive parameters that constitute the overall picture. Take the weather-resistant materials, such as aluminium in various (RAL) colours, wood (thermally treated ash wood), safety glass or polycarbonate, and your carport with storage will exude personality. For a little extra atmosphere, you can opt for LED lighting, safe and ecological, but also ideal for garden parties. In addition to the option of a separate or detached model, you can also opt for a model with integrated closure.

The perfect storage area does exist!

A storage area in the carport is the ideal place where you can store bicycles, car accessories, a BBQ, drinks stock, garden equipment and cleaning supplies as you please. It creates extra living space in your house. In this way your carport with storage is not only practical, but it adds value to your home.

Customized and durable:

A carport with storage consists of an aluminium structure with modular wall systems and project-based foundation sets. Our awnings are equipped with one or more invisible drainage channels that drain or collect rainwater. All of this provides a nice practical and durable solution where the awning and storage are the focal point.

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